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Economy Crates

Economy crates take less materials and labour to produce. These uniquely designed tough little crates are the perfect solution to securely and safely protect any smaller and lighter item(s) whilst in transit or in storage. Economy crates are usually up to 900 x 900 x 900mm internally. Longer, taller and larger versions are made using some of the Premium style aspects. This is used where any item(s) are light and minimum cost is required.  


Premium Crates

Premium crates are our most popular and universal design of crate. They are extremely robust, safe and secure crates. Made with a built in pallet base so that the packed crate can be easily moved via fork lift, pallet truck or slings. Premium crates can be packed and unpacked by removing the lid and / or either end panel. Countless variations of crates are manufactured based on the Premium style crate. Including types with side openings, bolt fixings and catch lids.

Pallet Bases & Pallet Sollutions

Not everything is made to fit on a normal size pallet base. Some things can equally be too heavy for placing on a standard pallet. Packable Ltd can manufacture any size or configuration of pallet and to take any weight.


One of the most ecomomical solutions to protect palletised items is to use one of our uniquely designed pallet supports. This support system can quickly and easily be fixed to any pallet base offering support and side protection. A ply section or timber can be added on top to allow for reinforced ability to stack. The supports can be made to any height and delivered in flat pack form. If you fix the support to any pallet marked with a FT or HC number then your pallet is legal to be sent World wide. Custom sized pallets and supports can be made to order

Construction Crates

Construction crates are generally for any item(s) that are particularly large or heavy. These uniquely designed crates have heavy duty in-filled double constructed pallet bases able to securely and safely support outsized and heavy item(s) whilst in transit. Construction crates are packed and unpacked by the removal of the lid panel and / or, any / or all of the side and end panels. This allows for any item(s) to be packed or unpacked directly on to the pallet base before re-constructing the crate.

Picture Crates

Picture crates are narrow vertical crates. These style of crates are used to securely and safely pack large pictures, stone, ceramic, glass panels etc

Bespoke Crates


As the Packable Ltd saying goes:


"If you can Find it, Buy it or Make it.... we can Crate it!"


This leads to the design and manufacture of many wonderful crates



Packable Ltd never uses nails or glue in the manufacture of our crates. This allows all our crates to be supplied fully assembled or in flat pack form complete with all fixings and instructions

Packable Ltd is registered with Timcon and the Forestry commission. All timber used by Packable Ltd is ISPM15 graded. This is a legal requirement allowing access through customs World wide.

All the timber used by Packable Ltd is from renewable resources : Packable Ltd runs pro-active recycling programs

T: +44 (0) 1763 247149


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