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CITIES, Dangerous Goods Certificates, Antiques Declarations, Proof of Export etc

There can be many legal documents required to ensure a smooth and trouble free shipping of any items. The items may need a dangerous goods certificate, for example for a Barometer that contains Mercury. They may need a CITIES licence if any part of an item has been made from ivory or tortoiseshell. Even the wooden packaging or crate that we pack any item(s) into has to have a certificate showing the then timber we use is ISPM15 (heat treated and de-barked). Invoices correctly set out with all contact details, duty payment details, product tariff codes. We always include antique declaration forms with all antiques shipped so that any duties payable by a customer are reduced or made exempt. Its not just making sure that the correct documents are in place, the right amount of each document also needs to be in place to ensure a trouble free transit through courier and customs services World wide. Packable Ltd has every system in place to make your shipment worry free and as cost effective for you as possible.


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